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The Complete Personalized Promise Bible for Women

Harrison House | ISBN: 1577946642 | edition 2005

The Bible is filled with over 1,800 promises from God to bless, encourage, and instruct us. Why would God give so many promises? he knew in this world we would need them. But if you don’t know what those promises are, you will not have a basis for your faith or a solid foundation to put your trust in. The Complete Personalized Promise Bible for Women takes you through every single promise in the Bible, listed in topical format for easy reference. Each promise is recorded from various Bible translations and includes a personalized, Scripture-based declaration of faith. By studying these promises and praying them back to the Father God, you will establish your faith for those promises to be a part of your life.

It is the application of God’s Word in our lives that causes the reality of the truth and principles of the Bible to have an effect on our daily living. To Christians, God’s Word is the cornerstone of all that we believe. God’s Word is His letter to all of us; it is His letter to you.

Hundreds of promises that God has given to every believer concerning every aspect of our lives are written within its pages. But until the truth that is expressed with ink on paper gets into our hearts and is applied to our lives, it is void of power. For instance, the promise of salvation given to us in John 3:16 is just words on paper until we believe it and receive it and pray the pray er of acceptance. Only then does it become a reality in our lives.

The author has identified all the promises in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and, in this book, provided each original Scripture verse and an expanded thought concerning the truth found in each particular Scripture. We encourage you to use this book as a guide in helping you become aware of all the promises that are found in God’s Word and how to apply to your life the truth they contain.

The personalized, expanded thought that the author has written under each Bible promise could be used as a devotion or a meditation; it could also be used as a prayer. You might want to declare it over your life by speaking it aloud as a positive affirmation of that promise for your life.

Before you get started I want to remind you again that this book is not to be read, it is to be said. Don’t let the words remain on the page. Speak them in the spirit of faith knowing that you are speaking God’s will for your life. This is our covenant. It is the very blueprint of all that we are and all that we have in Christ Jesus. With every Word, we have an image of the Christian God desires for us to be. We should make it our daily meditation and let the devil know that his foothold in our world has come to an end!

We pray that the Lord will use this promise Bible companion to help you experience the fullness of all that He has promised to you. We believe that the truth and power of the Scriptures will become more alive in your heart and that your life will be dramatically impacted by the application of these truths.

Enjoy this great book

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