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If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Every Person

  • Title: If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Every Person
  • ISBN 10: 0062517058
  • Publisher: HarperOne
  • Published: 2004-12-01
  • Pages: 240
  • Format: PDF


Why Everyone Will Be in Heaven?

Some people think God sits on a throne, holding fast to holiness and justice, waiting for us to grovel at his feet. I realized God is never content to wait on his throne. God was standing at the door watching for Us, just as surely as that father watched for his prodigal. And while us was yet at a distance, God saw us and had compassion. God ran and embraced us. God welcomed us home.” I believe God will save every person.

Now by salvation, I mean much more than a ticket to heaven. I mean much more than being cleansed of our sins and rescued from hell’s fire. I mean even more than being raised from the grave and granted eternal life. By salvation, I mean being freed of every obstacle to intimacy with God. We will know as we are known and love as we are loved.

Some have already experienced this salvation, though not all call it by that name. Others, long for this salvation but will find it only beyond the grave. Many, like me, have experienced God’s love but have misunderstood salvation. We’ve thought it a trophy rather than a gift, a personal achievement rather than a work of God. We’ve gloried in our salvation and damned those whose obstacles have far exceeded our own.

The grace I experienced in Jesus was the grace of God. The Father he spoke of—who welcomed the prodigal and embrace—was the very Father who loved me. The assurance of this love freed me from childhood fears, enabling me to voice these optimistic words: I believe God will save every person.

Seven words. Seven simple words. When I first spoke them in a sermon, I stated them boldly, hoping for agreement. Some folks were intrigued, but others were appalled. Some even suggested I had abandoned my faith. They all had questions. Good questions. Thoughtful questions.

  • “How can you contradict thousands of years of tradition and the testimony of the Bible?” “Of course, God is love, but isn’t he also holy and just?”
  • “Aren’t we free to reject God’s love and ignore his grace?”
  • “If everyone is going to heaven, why was Jesus necessary?”
  • “You mean even Adolph Hitler will be in heaven?”

 I’ve prayed and thought about these questions. I’lladdress them further on. But these questions have not diminished my conviction: I believe God will save every person.

This book is about those seven words.

Two pastors present their controversial belief in eternal salvation for all through God’s perfect grace. Long disturbed by the Church’s struggle between offering both love and rejection, they discover what God wants from us and for us: grace for everyone.

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