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A Glossary of Targum Onkelos: According to Alexander Sperber’s Edition

  • Series: Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture
  • Author: Edward M. Cook
  • Pub. Year: 2008
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 338
  • ISBN-10: 9004149783
  • ISBN-13: 9789004149786
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: $158.00

Targum Onkelos is the oldest complete Jewish Aramaic translation of the Pentateuch, and it has played a major role in Jewish exegesis throughout the centuries. Although the vocabulary of Onkelos has been included in the major rabbinic dictionaries, there has never been a volume devoted solely to the vocabulary of Onkelos. This glossary, based on the standard critical edition, includes all of the vocabulary of the targum, plus geographical names, with bibliographical references to cognates in other Aramaic dialects. It will be a major help both to students first encountering the language of the Targum, as well as to specialists seeking a thorough treatment of its lexical features.

About the Author

Edward M. Cook, Ph.D. (1986), University of California at Los Angeles, was formerly an Associate Research Scholar for the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon project at Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio. He has published a number of works in the area of Targumic and Qumran Aramaic, and is co-author of The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation (2nd ed., 2005).

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