Reformation and Revival

Volume 1 (1992)

Theme: Reformation

Theme: Revival

Theme: Prayer

Theme: Preaching

Volume 2 (1993)

Theme: Worship

Theme: The Person of Christ

Theme: Evangelism

Theme: REVIVAL: Problems & Blessings

Volume 3 (1994)

Theme: Grace

Theme: The Holy Spirit

Theme: The Christian Mind

Theme: The Reformation of the Church

Volume 4 (1995)

Theme: Spiritual Warfare

Theme: Holiness

Theme: Revival: The First Great Awakening

Theme: Music

Volume 5 (1996)

Theme: The Cross

Theme: Puritanism I

Theme: Puritanism II

Theme: Ethics

Volume 6 (1997)

Theme: The Second Great Awakening

Theme: Eschatology

Theme: The New Covenant

Theme: Justification







Volume 7 (1998)

Theme: The Church

Theme: The Fatherhood of God

Theme: The World

Theme: Luther (Part One)

Volume 8 (1999)

Theme: Luther – Part Two

Theme: Revival – True or False?

Theme: Christian Unity

Theme The Person of Christ

Volume 9 (2000)

Theme: The Christian Pulpit

Theme: Restoring True Worship – Part One

Theme: Restoring True Worship – Part Two

Theme: The Word of God

Volume 10 (2001)

Theme: Piety and Pietism

Theme: Confessions and Catechisms

Theme: The Trinity

Theme: John Calvin

Volume 11 (2002)

Theme: Theology: Why Bother?

Theme: Justification: Modern Reflections


Theme: Revival: A Solution or a Problem?

Theme: Reformation in Revival

Volume 12 (2003)

Theme: Orthodoxy

Theme: Predestination

Theme: Jonathan Edwards: An Anniversary Celebration

Theme: The Obedience of Faith

Volume 13 (2004)

Theme: Christian Unity

Theme: Counseling: The Cure of Souls

Theme: Spiritual Formation

Theme: The Early Church


Volume 14 (2005)

Theme: The Purpose-Driven Life. Thinking Teleologically About Purpose-Driveness

Theme: Engaging Emerging Voices. A Theological Interaction with Brian McLaren and Others

Theme: The Emergent Church Conversation. Examining D.A. Carson’s Critique


Volume 15 (2006)

Theme: Becoming Missional Christians and Churches

Theme: The Biblical Theology of N.T. Wright



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