European Journal of Science and Theology

ISSN 1842 – 8517

European Journal of Science and Theology is an international journal that accepts for publication reviewed original papers, short communications, reviews and conference proceedings on a broad range of topics of interest for both scientists and theologians working mainly in the area of Science & Theology.

   The aim of the journal is to serve the theological community with information provided and arranged to help them better understand the new scientific discoveries and studies that may be connected by their relevance to their own field or in associated fields. On the other hand, the interested scientists may find here new insights or a more profound attempt of understanding of the results of their research work. EJST also reflect ethical, environmental and societal implications of the work performed by scientists and technologists, intending to contribute actively to European and international debates on these issues.

   The journal will also provide students and newcomers in the field of Science & Theology, a basic tool with which to learn its fundamental and possible applied aspects.

   Another aim of EJST is to foster the exchange of ideas among the many disciplines involved in the process of the restoration and conservation of religious artifacts. The journal presents updates of scientific and applied technical research in different fields connected to the conservation and restoration but also wants to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between the factors interested in this activity.

   With regard to the theological task, European Journal of Science and Theology will deal mainly with the Christian viewpoints, but multi-religious reflections will also be accepted for analysis.

Vol. 1 no. 1

Vol. 1 no. 2

Vol. 1 no. 3

Vol. 1 no. 4

Vol. 2 no. 1

Vol. 2 no. 2

Vol. 2 no. 3

Vol. 2 no. 4

Vol. 3 no. 1

Vol. 3 no. 2

Vol. 3 no. 3

Vol. 3 no. 4

Vol. 4 no. 1

Vol. 4 no. 2

Vol. 4 no. 3

Vol. 4 no. 4

Vol. 5 no. 1

Vol. 5 no. 2

Vol. 5 no. 3

Vol. 5 no. 4

Vol. 6 no. 1

Vol. 6 no. 2

Vol. 6 no. 3

Vol. 6 no. 4







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