Graduate Theological Foundation

The Journey from Inclusion to Exclusion: The development of baptism as a requirement to receive Holy Communion 40CE-200CE 
Theodore S. Babcock
download PDF

Gifts and Creatures: The Reformation Doctrine of the Eucharistic Presence Exhibited in the Anglican Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper 
Philip Barber
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Ibn Taymiyya’s Theory of ‘Shared Meanings’ and “Overlapping Relations’ in the Divine Names and Attributes 
Waleed Basyouni
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Eucharist: The Continuity of Catholic Teaching Between the Early Church Fathers and the Early Twenty-First Century Magisterium 
Josephine R. Bush
download PDF

Fenomenología de la experiencia de Dios en San Agustín, en el libro VIII de la obra de Las confesiones
Gerardo Cabán-Cáceres
download PDF

The Unheard Cry of the Igbo People: A Study of Meaning in Abraham Joshua Heschel 
Kenneth Okey Chigbo
download PDF

Clergy Health and Congregational Wellness: A Partnership for Wellbeing 
William E. Christian
download PDF

John Wesley’s Understanding of Preaching
James R. Clubine
download PDF

Aspects of Imitatio Christi in the Moral Christology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
Robert S. Dannals
download PDF

Cuando sólo Saber Leer y Escribir no es Suficiente: Un Análisis del Impacto de la Cruzada Nacional de Alfabetización 
de Nicaragua 
Felix P. López Doña
download PDF

The Tura Papyrus of Didymus the Blind’s Commentary on Job: An Original Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Edward Duffy
download PDF

Integrative Phenomenology: Integrating Indigenous Epistemologies in the Traditional Healing Research 
Jonathan Ellerby
download PDF

Integrating Spirituality and Psychology in Vocational Discernment: Selected Psychospiritual Factors and their Effect on the Career Decision-Making Process
Randal Arthur Foster
download PDF

Healing the Holy Helpers: Healthy Clergy for the Third Millennium 
Richard B. Gilbert
download PDF

The Emerging Revival of Sacramental Healing: An Incarnational Theology 
Charles J. Helman
download PDF

Beyond Soup, Soap and Salvation: American Indian Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1988-2001 
Jesse David Hill
download PDF

The Idea of the National Church in Anglicanism: The Canadian Experience
Harry Huskins
download PDF

Análisis del Desarrollo de las Vocaciones Sacerdotales en Colombia y sus Motivaciones Prevalentes 
Leonardo Jaramillo
download PDF

Religiosity in the Recovery of Alcohol Counselors
Vio Ouseph Joseph
download PDF

The Doctrine of the Trinity According to Karl Rahner 
Milton Kobus
download PDF

The Journey Inwards: Crafting the Christian Self Through Autobiography, Dreams, and Visions 
Patricia Lehrer
download PDF

Paths of Exile: Columban Narrative and the Praxis of Iona 
James Lewis
download PDF

Bishop Michael Bolton Furse (1870-1955) and the Waning of the ‘Catholic Moment’ in Anglicanism
David McConkey
download PDF

The Spiritual Path of Contemplative Love in Social Action: Teresa of Ávila and The Interior Castle and Thérèse of Lisieux 
and Story of a Soul 

Margaret M. McKinnon
download PDF

Methodology of Sighting the Crescent Moon in Islamic Jurisprudence 
Waleed Meneese
download PDF

Características Cristológicas para una Pastoral Juvenil 
Wilfredo López Mora
download PDF

The Beloved Journey: A Psychospiritual Study of Persons Living, Struggling and Dying with HIV/AIDS 
Raymond T. Moreland
download PDF

Catholic Volunteers: Theology and Practice, with Special Reference to the 1997 Papal Instruction Ecclesiae De Mysterio 
David James Mulvihill
download PDF

Philosophy of Evolution: The Twentieth-Century Neo-Scholastic Approach, with Special Reference to the Gregorian University, Rome 
John Edward Mulvihill
download PDF

La Justicia Social en Gerardo Valencia Cano 
Luis H. Quiñonez Murillo
download PDF

The Intentional Pursuit of the Ethical: The Faith-Based Formation of the
Next Generation of Christian Managers and Business Leaders

Joanne Neal
download PDF

Tribunal in the New Millennium: Theology, Spirituality, Leadership, Collaboration, and Strategies for Effective Pastoral Ministry 
Peter Thang Ngo
download PDF

Luther and the Turks: The Turkish Threat to Europe and the Sermons of Martin Luther
Dana K. Nissen
download PDF

Reshaping the Vocation of Religious Women in Nigeria: Pedagogical Analysis of Psychological and Socio-Cultural Problems 
Associated with Religious Women 

Amaka Olisah
download PDF

Jesuit Inculturation in the New World: Experiments in Missions of 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries 
Joseph Olson
download PDF

Theological Questions on the Ministry of the Deacon: What Makes This Ministry Unique? 
John P. O’Neill
download PDF

The Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental: A National Study of its Liturgy, Doctrine, and Leadership 
John Paul Plummer
download PDF

Remembering with Jesus in Paradise: A Contemporary Understanding of 
Luke’s Soteriology 

Mark Porto
download PDF

Wesley, el Pentecostalismo y la Experiencia vistos desde América Latina 
Juan Eduardo Guerrero Pulido
download PDF

Sor María Isolina Ferré: Misionera, Evangelizadora y Profetisa
Ernesto A. Ramos-Santiago
download PDF

Mark 12: 28-34: A Close Reading 
Richard A. Rusconi
download PDF

The Application of Franklian Psychology in the Establishment of a Meaning Matrix for Christian Spiritual Formation 
Randy L. Scraper
download PDF

The Domestication of Transcendence: 
Paul’s Christian Halakha in 1 Corinthians 7 on Celibacy, Marriage and Divorce 

Thomas E. Smith
download PDF

Ritual, Religion and Ronald: 
The Power of the Liturgical in the Church and Marketplace 

Linda Smith-Criddle
download PDF

En Busca del Más Allá 
Isabel M. Soberal Román
download PDF

The Confucian-Christian Dialogue: A Comparative Theology from the Yi Dynasty in Korea 
Ignatius Suh 
download PDF

Cosmosophia: The Dwelling of the Divine in the Contemporary World
Timothy S. St. Onge
download PDF

The Stem Cell Debate: A Comparison Between the Ethical Ideologies of the Religious and the Medical Communities 
Michael O. Thomas
download PDF

The Stone that was Rejected: An Exemplary Guide for the Psychiatric Institutional Chaplain 
Marion Thullbery
download PDF

Inteligencias Múltiples y Pedagogía de la Fe 
Vilma Ivette Vázquez
download PDF






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